Welcome to the CSSMA Project Website

This is a brand new initiative launched on December 1st.  We are still working on the website and associated content.  We hope to have the website finalized by the end of December.  In the meantime please have patience as we work to make the website better!

How it Works

Must be a member to legally access

You must be a member of the Trout Lake Recreational Club or the Arrow Lakes Ridge Riders

Gain Access to the Web Maps

Once you have paid for membership you can access the web maps to view daily openings. Maps will be updated each morning by 7am.

Ride Only in Open Areas

You must ride only in areas identified as open for snowmobile access. You must also have proof of membership with you at all times.   Have a plan B for the day in case you encounter caribou or tracks.  

Must be a Member to Legally Access

Trout Lake Recreational Club


Purchase your membership in the Trout Lake Recreational Club

Arrow Lakes Ridge Riders


Purchase your membership in the Arrow Lakes Ridge Riders Snowmobile Club

What you need to have with you

Proof of active membership

For directions on how to access your membership card after joining a club above please go to www.bcsf.org

Picture ID

The ORV Act of BC states that all operators of Off Road Vehicles, including snowmobiles, must have picture ID on them at all times while operating their machine.

Registration and Insurance

All snowmobiles in BC are required to be registered and in some cases insured.  Please go to the Governments ORV Website to learn more.

Message from the BCSF

This is a pilot project to measure whether recreational disturbance to caribou can be mitigated with a rotating closure scenario.  This project has allowed snowmobile access to continue in areas when the caribou are not currently using habitat.  The project has the potential to be used in many other areas of the Province to allow snowmobiles back into areas that were previously closed when the habitat is not being used.  Therefore, it is imperative that this project is successful for both the caribou and future management of snowmobiles.  The success depends on every rider checking the maps daily and being compliant with closure boundaries.


Province of BC Press Release


By tracking the herd’s location using data transmitted by GPS collars worn by some of the caribou in the Central Selkirk herd, provincial biologists can now keep some parts of the Central Selkirk Snowmobile Management Area closed to snowmobiling, while keeping other parts that contain no caribou open.

BCSF Press Release


To minimize disturbance from snowmobiles, MFLNROD recommended a full winter motorized recreational closure in the herd area.  Which sounds scary, but this closure is unique in that a new adaptive management strategy was created and is being tested in this area.